Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do we really want a blustering bully for president?


Obama = Grace under pressure, measured, thoughtful

McCain = Nervous bully, dry-mouthed, snarky, disrespectful

Barak Obama obviously won this debate in the minds of reasonable Americans who want an intelligent, reasonable, and clear-headed man who can steer us through these choppy waters. McCain, on the other hand, is obviously nothing more than a bully who recycles talking points that only foolish fall for. McCain was rude and failed to honor the debate agreements, choosing instead to bluster through both the moderator and his opponent, not what we need in a president!

McCain was not "feisty" in the debate; he was an asshole. Obama showed grace under pressure, when McCain showed a total lack of respect for the agreed-upon debate forum. Do we want someone who would bluster around the planet with his finger on the nuke button? McCain wasn't even able to look Obama in the eye -- the hallmark of a snively rat.

I, for one, want someone who can take a calm, precise assessment of the situation at hand and made a poised, cool and collected decision. That man is Obama!

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