Friday, September 19, 2008

Could McCain be any more OUT OF TOUCH???


I knew Palin was losing her fake shine!

It's almost embarrasing to witness the meltdown of McCain-Palin. Almost. Take today's (technically yesteray's) items:

1) Palin fumbles a question at a rally/town hall meeting, asking what her specific skill are in foreign policy. Basically, Palin blusters and stumbles through saying she's "confident" that she's "ready". (click here for video)

2) McCain confuses Spain's Prime Minister Zapatero (who withdrew from Iraq years ago), with Mexican leaders, drawing sharply into focus how unfit he really is to lead. McCain also continues to frame Venezuala & Bolivia as areas where the U.S. "neeeds to facilitate Democracy." That's flat-out frightening considering the last time we "facilitated democracy," more than 4,000 of our troops died, and thousands more lost limbs becoming para- and quadra-plegics! (go here for audio)

3) I'm sure you've already heard Palin's yahoo email was hacked, and she had official business on the un-secured account!

But the whopper granddaddy of them all for today ... 

4) McCain shows his utter lack of respect for the common man while stumping at a GE plant in Detroit, MI. Isn't it ... um ... interesting how McCain calls mostly white crowds "my friends" and "you," but at this plant half-full of Obama supporters (many of them black), McCain talks about helping GE workers states, "I want to assure the workers here ... I want to assure THEM that THEY ..." in 3rd person. What the hell? Who's he talking to? The owners? It appears that he's supposed to be addressing the workers, themselves. Talk about out of touch!

Be sure to watch the first to watch the first 2:30 to hear the workers chant "Obama -- 0-8!" as John and Cindy leave the plant.

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