Friday, December 19, 2008

Midwives in Obama's home state call for rally

Does it cheese you off when special interest groups throw around their weight to manipulate public policy? Do something about it!  That's just what the AMA is doing trying to do right now, and Illinois midwife advocates aren't going to stand for it.

Stand up with the women of Illinois and demand a full range of birth options on January 12 and 13, 2009 in Springfield, Illinois at the state capitol See for more info.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber ISN'T

As reported in today's New York Times, the so-called plumber made famous in the third presidential debate, by John McCain's constant references to him, ISN'T a licensed plumber at all!

(Hit stop on my Sarah Palin Tribute if you'd like to view a video -------------->)

And to make matters worse, Joe the (so-called) Plumber apparently really dislikes fulfilling his civic duty to pay taxes, since Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (<-- that's Joe the Plumber's real name) OWES BACK TAXES!

But wait ... there's MORE! I'll just quote the following from the NYTimes:

But if the plumbing business remained a two-person company and the net proceeds — after deductions for business expenses — were shared by the two men, both incomes would most likely fall well below the top tax brackets on which Mr. Obama wants to raise rates, as would the company itself.

One source that I want to double-check claims that, even if Joe the Plumber had a business that made 250,000, the tax rate would only go up 3%, so that would be an extra 7,500, not withstanding any loopholes that would surely save at least a little bit on taxes.

So, to recap:

1) Joe the plumber is NOT licensed plumber
2) Joe the Plumber owes back taxes, and
3) If Joe the Plumber co-owned the plumbing business with at least one other person, at the current business value, his income taxes would not go up under Obama's plan, and might even go down!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain continues racism and XENOPHOBIA!

Even though they spent nine long minutes talking in the third presidential debate about the negative campaigning, and Bob Schieffer asked if either candidate wanted to make any corrections or repeat their allegations directly to each other, McCain failed to man up and apologize for the despicable ads he "approves." McCain defended the racist bastards at his rallies who are yelling thinks like "Bomb Obama" and "Treason!" and "off with his head!" and "kill him!" How can McCain defend that?

(Be sure to hit stop on my Sarah Palin tribute to watch the videos --------->)

I'll post some videos, below that show how awful the McCain Palin supporters are. Some racist was seen carrying a doll into a McCain rally. It was a Curious George doll with an Obama bumper sticker wrapped around the monkey's head, and when asked, the man said it was "Little Hussein." (It's spelled  r-a-c-i-s-t  and no amount of lipstick and change that!)

I also do not believe that John McCain had the nerve to make a reference to the JFK assassination, implying Obama could be killed. It was almost as if he were calling for some madman to do it. We all know the 800 pound gorilla in the room is will McCain die of old age, and will Obama meet his demise in office? McCain was tasteless to go at it that directly.

What a sick man McCain is. How could anyone vote for him, or his little poodle from Alaska?

And now, on with the shew ....

A compilation of news coverage about the hate 
that Palin & McCain are inciting

The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville, Ohio

Part 2 - The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville, Ohio

The Sidwalk to Nowhere

Two Words for McCain

McCain Defends Obama and gets Booed at Xenophobic Rally

Monday, October 13, 2008

Other musical tributes to Sara PALIN!

It turns out I'm not the only one to think of creating a musical tribute to Sarah Palin. Granted, my tribute, wasn't created by me; I merely selected a totally appropriate song, as is, and found a rippin' rendition that captured the feeling of Sarah.

Here are a a ton of video parodies, odes to Sarah Palin.

(but first hit stop on my tribute to Sarah Palin before you watch the vids -------->)

The Ballad of Sarah Palin (to the tune of ballad of Davey Crockett)

"Hey Sarah Palin" (to the tune of Hey There Delilah)

The Sarah Palin Rap: Club a Baby Seal

Sarah Palin Song Moose Shootin' Blues (an original)
(Picks up momentum as it goes along)

Hey Sarah, Sara (to the tune of Que sera, sera)

So-called Best Sarah Palin Song ... Ever (don't know the tune)

The Ballad of Sarah Palin

Sept. 4: Hey, Sara Palin (yet ANOTHER Hey Delilah version)

Sarah Palin Song (help me out here on the tune?)
[BTW, my fav part of this song is the Albert Camus reference!]

Sarah Palin Song! I Picked a Girl 
(I highly recommend you skip the one minute intro. and FF to 1:26)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Republicans for OBAMA!

(Hit stop on the Sarah Palin tribute to watch videos --------->)

I was so amazed at the volume of "Grandma for Obama" videos on youtube that I decided to see what other interesting "_________ for Obama" categories there are, and I like this one almost as much as the Grannies. Without further ado, the vids. Enjoy!

A (not so new) phenomenon: Obamacans

Ohio Republican for Obama

Indiana Republican for Obama

Colorado Republicans for Obama

Republican veteran for Obama

Virginia Republicans for Obama

Major Republican leader endorses Obama

Republican retired U.S. Navy Admiral endorses Obama

Va. Republican Lilibet Hagel endorses Obama

Republican Jim Leach endorses Obama

Friday, October 10, 2008

Respect your elders; vote for OBAMA!

(Hit stop on the Sarah Palin tribute to watch videos --------->)

I ran across one of these videos, and it prompted me to do a youtube search for Grandma Obama. I found a treasure trove of wisdom from these Wise Wymyn. Check out these rockin' Grandmas for Obama! 

Most videos are just a few minutes long. Isn't our country, and our future, and our children's future worth a few minutes of your time? You bet! (Extra credit if you watch the incredibly funny but dirty Sarah Silverman video, the Great Schlep all the way at the bottom.)

Bubbe is 92 years young, and says,
"I pray that I will live to November 4, so that I can vote for [Obama]."

Obama picks a feisty 82 year old lady as his running mate!

See this 90 year old Grandma vote for Barack in the primaries
and live out her mother's dream.

Dancin' Grandma at Obama Sept. 19, 2008 Miami, FL Rally!

Not technically a grandma, but she could be,
and she wants you to vote for Obama.

See what this activist, Grandma Zel, is doing 
(you'll just have to endure the annoying narrator's voice).

New York Super Activist Grandma!

Singin' Grandma for Obama!

A younger Grandma, yep, you guessed it -- for Obama!

Grandma Jane Woo for Obama!

Grandma Jenkins with a letter to, and poem for, Obama.

The heart of this video (from 1:14 - 3:30) is really worth watching.

The official Obama Campaign video, Seniors for Obama

Now, a little turnabout is fair play. 
Go to Florida and convince Bubbe and Zede to vote for Obama! 
(Warning: very strong language and very off-color humor)