Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain continues racism and XENOPHOBIA!

Even though they spent nine long minutes talking in the third presidential debate about the negative campaigning, and Bob Schieffer asked if either candidate wanted to make any corrections or repeat their allegations directly to each other, McCain failed to man up and apologize for the despicable ads he "approves." McCain defended the racist bastards at his rallies who are yelling thinks like "Bomb Obama" and "Treason!" and "off with his head!" and "kill him!" How can McCain defend that?

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I'll post some videos, below that show how awful the McCain Palin supporters are. Some racist was seen carrying a doll into a McCain rally. It was a Curious George doll with an Obama bumper sticker wrapped around the monkey's head, and when asked, the man said it was "Little Hussein." (It's spelled  r-a-c-i-s-t  and no amount of lipstick and change that!)

I also do not believe that John McCain had the nerve to make a reference to the JFK assassination, implying Obama could be killed. It was almost as if he were calling for some madman to do it. We all know the 800 pound gorilla in the room is will McCain die of old age, and will Obama meet his demise in office? McCain was tasteless to go at it that directly.

What a sick man McCain is. How could anyone vote for him, or his little poodle from Alaska?

And now, on with the shew ....

A compilation of news coverage about the hate 
that Palin & McCain are inciting

The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville, Ohio

Part 2 - The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville, Ohio

The Sidwalk to Nowhere

Two Words for McCain

McCain Defends Obama and gets Booed at Xenophobic Rally

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