Friday, October 10, 2008

Respect your elders; vote for OBAMA!

(Hit stop on the Sarah Palin tribute to watch videos --------->)

I ran across one of these videos, and it prompted me to do a youtube search for Grandma Obama. I found a treasure trove of wisdom from these Wise Wymyn. Check out these rockin' Grandmas for Obama! 

Most videos are just a few minutes long. Isn't our country, and our future, and our children's future worth a few minutes of your time? You bet! (Extra credit if you watch the incredibly funny but dirty Sarah Silverman video, the Great Schlep all the way at the bottom.)

Bubbe is 92 years young, and says,
"I pray that I will live to November 4, so that I can vote for [Obama]."

Obama picks a feisty 82 year old lady as his running mate!

See this 90 year old Grandma vote for Barack in the primaries
and live out her mother's dream.

Dancin' Grandma at Obama Sept. 19, 2008 Miami, FL Rally!

Not technically a grandma, but she could be,
and she wants you to vote for Obama.

See what this activist, Grandma Zel, is doing 
(you'll just have to endure the annoying narrator's voice).

New York Super Activist Grandma!

Singin' Grandma for Obama!

A younger Grandma, yep, you guessed it -- for Obama!

Grandma Jane Woo for Obama!

Grandma Jenkins with a letter to, and poem for, Obama.

The heart of this video (from 1:14 - 3:30) is really worth watching.

The official Obama Campaign video, Seniors for Obama

Now, a little turnabout is fair play. 
Go to Florida and convince Bubbe and Zede to vote for Obama! 
(Warning: very strong language and very off-color humor)

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